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We believe working with fruit is fantastic.

Fruitastic Creations is here to change the way you eat writing custom your fruit. We wanted to bring something fresh, vibrant and unique to Glasgow. It started with the thought of creating an alternative to flower bouquets. With a lot of research, experimenting, practising, mentoring and a lot of fruit (which we enjoyed eating…waste not want not ); we created, for you, our unique edible alternative to flower gifts.

Our Fruitastic Creations are suitable for all events. Celebrating the birth of a new baby, a ‘Get Well’ soon and many more important occasions.

Our succulent strawberries are of the highest quality. That’s what makes us Fruitastic: Quality. With a wide choice of colours and flavours, using a range of quality chocolates. Designed and presented in a flower like bouquet, will make anyone feel special.

Our indulging edible bouquets come in various sizes to suit all budgets and occasions with no compromise on quality.

Our platters and fruit carvings use everyday fruits to transform them enticingly into flowers and swans, from vases to bowls and much more. Be part of the fruit revolution, join us in eating more.

It is our belief to provide healthy high quality products. We know what ingredients we use to create our bouquets. Many, if not all foods readily available, contain some type of food additives and colourings. This is where we are cautious! Many additives and colours contain animal or insect based ingredients, which in our opinion render the confectionery unsuitable for vegetarians. We will always use an alternative vegetarian source for such ingredients.

Additives are usually hidden by labelling them as custom written papers E numbers, leaving consumers unaware and without a clue as to what they are eating. Take for example the red food colouring, made from crushed insects labelled as E120 used in anything from chewy sweets to chocolate to give a red dye. For those with alternative dietary needs you will find alcohol and alcohol-based derivatives are used to flavour confectionery. We take it upon ourselves to check each ingredient thoroughly before we add it to our creations and therefore you can rest assured that our products are suitable for vegetarians and if there is any animal based ingredient present then it will be clearly labelled.

You’re sure to find something for that special someone or occasion. We deliver in Glasgow and surrounding areas please check our delivery page.

Browse and enjoy .

Contact us for any queries questions or requests.
We’re in the making you smile business.